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Terra Lawn Products manufactures and distributes a variety of products for the home and garden. We specialize in organic products for our customers, for use on lawns, trees, shrubs and garden plants, indoor and out. We manufacture some of the products in our own facility, the others we distribute from other manufactures. Each of our specialized products is the finest available, we have spent years searching, testing, and developing all the products we provide, to make sure our customers are completely satisfied.

TERRA ULTRA organic soil conditioner softens clay and hard-pan, breaks up and loosens compacted soil, creates organic matter and allows nutrients to be used by lawn and garden, trees and shrubs.

TERRA Ultra makes easier, reduces lawn repairs, and saves water. With just one application Terra Ultra softens and aerates, allows plant roots to extend deeper into the soil, allowing plants to grow healthier and stronger. Helps break up hard-pan, reduce clay density and helps to balance the pH level of your soil. Allows water to penetrate deeper into the soil, saving you money on watering costs and lawn maintenance. Eliminates built up salts from years of chemical fertilizer use. When lawns, trees and garden plants are healthier they absorb more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen, which makes TERRA Ultra ecologically friendly. You will also help to save water, one of our most precious resource.
Terra Ultra is not a new product, we have years of testing and data. There are many soil repair and conditioners on the market that will help with different problems. TERRA Ultra is the only soil conditioner that tackles all the problems, in one application. We are 100% sure of what it will do for your soil and we guarantee it.

TERRAFeed 100% natural liquid organic fertilizer, safe and environmentally friendly.

We use only fresh fish providing you with the purest organic fish fertilizer on the market today! Our fish are deep-water bottom-feeders, rich in trace minerals and free from harmful coastal heavy metals. Our unique cold enzymatic process for the highest quality in FDA approved facilities. We never denature the natural fish proteins or remove beneficial oils and collagen, providing you with all of the best ingredients. TERRAfeed contains a mixture of over 100 elements, besides the basic 3 (N-P-K). The nutrient rich liquid, TERRAfeed, provides a number of nutrients needed by your lawn due to the excess use of chemicals, salts and bromides

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